I was just sitting there, in the pub, when it exploded. I woke up, my head hurting and my foot aching. I sat up. Most people around me were still unconcious. I shuddered. My ability to detect life always went crazy when there was people hurt or dying. Someone, just a normal human boy, had a broken arm. I felt that. I focussed for a moment, and he relaxed.

My task completed, I walked around, trying to blend with the general populace. Then, I felt my finger hurt. I looked around, and saw someone jumping up and down, swearing. I would have healed them, too, but I noticed who it was. Government. I then broke his arm.

"Kitty?" I turned around. I only knew a few people, having mostly disappeared after discovering my power.

"Who's there?" I asked. "Destiny?"

"Who else? Kitty, I thought you knew me better." Destiny smiled. She suddenly appeared in front of me.

"Don't do that to me, Destiny!" I gasped. "You know that scares me!"

"Sorry! I saw you walk away from that pub, so I followed you." I smiled, glad to see me friend. I was the same age as her, fourteen. Being, both of us, rather special, we were good friends. Even though her teleporting right in front of my face did scare me, all the time.

I shook me head, my brown, shoulder-length hair swirling around me. I knew my green eyes would be flashing. "C'mon Destiny, let's go for a walk." She followed me, bouncing along beside me.

"So, Destiny, what have you been up to lately?" I asked.

The End

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