Norvon: UgMature

I flew back hitting my head on the wall. I instantly left the world of conciousness.  Man that girls strong. I always been bad at evaluate where i stand on the chain of powers. I know i'm not low but i'm not on the  top either. Close enough to the top though. That girls face it was real familar. Luna the legendary one. That would explain a lot.  Yeah no wonder she didn't want me to tag along she already has enough heat without me.  I hope she didn't leave me lying there on the street.  

My head was swirling I was waking up.  It quite odd to wake up floating. I felt sick and I threw up on someones shoe. I looked up.

"sorry about that.... Your name would be helpful." I said

" Thoth ." He replied quite disgusted, " Did you lose your memory?" 

" Nah. I just forgot your name sorry bout the barf and then name Thoth."  I said

I then hit the ground and Luna turned around. 

" Okay , okay I'll go. I didn't realise who you were. But I should let you know most of your bounty hunters after you. Have been mislead somewhere in Australia." I said getting up. 

" Well I'll be off. Oh and thanks for not leaving me there."

The End

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