Teaky : New friendsMature

The girl with the black hair walks away from me with another person. Maybe she didn't hear me? I stand outside the pub, looking at the merry people inside. Where's mum?

BANG! Suddenly, the whole pub explodes right in front of me. Pieces of brick fly towards me, I duck and lie on the floor, feeling it might be the safest thing to do. I stare at the not-pub. Flames destroy the floorboards and heat waves spread around it. People are lying, injured all over the ground. I see a girl lying next to me, unconscious, after a few minutes, she opens her eyes weakly. I turn back into my normal appearance. Black hair, and dark brown eyes. Much shorter in height and a younger face. I stare at her.

"Are you okay?" she asks me. I nod at her.

"Yes, um....your wing." I look at it, bloodstained and at a weird angle. "That doesn't look normal."

"What's wrong with it?" She replies, turning her head to see. But I see the pain on her face and she gives up.

"It's all bent. There's a lot of blood." I explain as simply as I could. The girl mutters something. She reaches into her bag and takes out an old bandage from a first-aid box. I watch her as she wraps her fragile wing with the bandage and stands up. I take her offered hand, then I am reminded again that my mum isn't here. We start to walk away from the pub.

"So, what's your name? I'm Platiana, powers invisibility, mind barrier and power level sense." Platiana tells me, I look up to her and smile.

"Teakria, but call me Teaky please." I answer, squeezing her hand slightly. Our journey ends at a pharmacy, where Platiana breaks the front window and takes away nearly all of the instant heal bandages. She quickly swaps the bandage on her wing for the new ones. I see the wing springing back to life, stretching out.

"So, your power is physical change? Look like me." I nod. I close my eyes and concentrate. A few seconds later, I become a clone of Platiana. She teaches me how to use the wings I now have. I wobble in the air.

"Let's go find Luna." Platiana flies up into the sky gracefully. I stumble after her.

"Um, shouldn't you be going invisible?" I ask,  I could still see her.

"I am invi- oh, you have the power of constant visibilty- you can see invisible people," she tells me. I can? Cool.

I follow Platiana for a while, since she seem to know exactly where to go. We land in front of the girl I saw earlier and a guy. I turn back to my normal appearance.

"Who's the friend?" The girl with the black hair asks. Luna, I think Platiana had said.

"This is Teaky. What's happened?" I see a man with orange hair lying on the floor. Luna makes him float beside her, then we start to walk.

The End

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