Luna: Powers and HeadacheMature

"Um, Luna and this is Thoth" I say indicating him next to me. I glare slightly at the guy Norvon, the one with flamming eyes which are now a dull orange.

"Nice to meet you" he says nodding.

"We should go" I say looking at Thoth. He nods and we begins to head off.

"Can I join you?" Norvon asks following next to me.

"No, you're wanted" I say making my steps larger. Thoth has a hard time of keeping up.

"I'll be good" Norvon says smiling cheekily.

"No!" I shout and he goes flying back into a trees. I yelp and run over to him. "Oh fuck"

"You are powerful?" Thoth whispers.

"I told you I'm dangerous" I hiss at him then turn back to Norvon. His body is fine except for the bruised ego, which was there before.

"Luna" I look up to see Platiana land with..... another Platiana, who turns back to a different girl.

"Who's the friend?" I ask nodding at the other girl.

"This is Teaky" she says. "What's happened?" She says seeing the unconcious Norvon.

"My fault, he's called Norvon and this is Thoth" I say. I make Norvon's body float. "He'll wake up in a while"

"Can't you just wake him?" Thoth asks following me as I begin to walk as does the two girls.

"No, that would slow the healing of his now acheing body, he's gonna have a few bruises" I say shaking my head.

"Where are we going?" everyone asks at the same time. God, I think I'm gonna get a headache.

The End

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