Mars: Strange smellsMature

Dum dum dum dum. Our steps insinc. My stomach rumbles.

"You hungery?" Ed asks.


We walk to a pub, the sky turns grey above us; my indicator. The sky starts to drop huge baubles of rain shoot down like bullets, the first landing on my nose, the next on my hair. Next thing I know we're both drenched in water and we walk into a pub.

Ed seems tense, and inhales deeply. I also inhale deeply smelling power, lots of it. Oh shit! She's here, or was here once upon a rhyme. Others too. Not good!

"Hey Ed, I don't like it hear. It smells really really weird."

"Umm... Ok then." He seems to be in another world. He snaps out of it and practically pulls me out of the door. "Let's go."

The End

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