Platiana: Explosions and redheadsMature

Luna leaves. I go invisible.

And the entire pub explodes.

I am thrown through the air along with everyone else. I become visible due to the shock. I try to open my wings to stop myself but pain shoots through my left wing and shoulder. I scream at the pain and then the ground comes up and hits me in the face.


I get knocked unconscious for about fifteen minutes. When I wake up, my wing is still killing me. I lie there for a bit, the pain in my wing and shoulder too much to bear. It eventually dies down and I sit up. Everyone else is unconscious on the ground. That's the beauty of the Psychic race- they're so much harder to kill. The only other person conscious is a sixteen year old hazel eyed redhead, about two metres away from me. Suddenly she flickers into an eleven year old with black elbow length hair and black brown eyes. Odd. 

"Are you ok?" I ask her. She looks up at me.

"Yes. Um, your wing, that doesn't look normal."

"What's wrong with it?" I ask. I try and lean round to see it, and fail.

"It's all bent, and there's a lot of blood." 

"I've broken it, oh crap," I mutter to myself. I pull a first aid kit out of my pocket and extract an old bandage. This one's just plain white fabric, not like the instant healing ones you get in hospitals these days. I wrap it round the bloodstained feathers and stand up. I give my other wing a shake, but it's working fine. I hold out my hand to the girl. She takes it and we walk away from the pub. You can't be caught near somewhere like that, the government will be on you before you can say 'psychic'. 

"So, what's your name? I'm Platiana, powers invisibility, mind barrier and power level sense." I ask her.

"Teakria, but call me Teaky please," she says. We turn the corner and I see the chemists shop. Five minutes later it has a smahed window and a depleted stock of instant heal bandages. I take the now browny-red bandage off my wing and replace it with a new one. A ripple of warm goes through the broken wing, and I remove the bandage and carefully fold it away. 

"So, your power is physical change? Look like me," I say. She does and I show her some basic flight skills- it's not easy.

"Let's go find Luna," I say, turning invisible and going up.

"Um, shouldn't you be going invisible?" she asks me.

"I am invi- oh, you have the power of constant visibilty- you can see invisible people," I say, and fly off towards the city center. I can sense Teaky not far behind.

The End

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