Norvon: Stupid explosion.Mature

There was brigt flash of light. Then flames and screams burst out.  It was probaly a grenade. I wonder who would be that lame use you powers. Coward.  I get up brush my clothes up and put my hood back on. Some goverment agents walked in.  Ah shit. Stupid bastards.

" We're are looking for this man." Ons said pointing at a picture of me. 

One of the people on the ground pointed in my direction.  So much for relaxing.

The goverment agents turn guns pointed at my head.

" Norvon your under arrest." 

" Oh damm you caught me." I said sacastically as i touched the wall socket electrocuting the two idiots.

" Next time you report to my brother send him my regards. And tell him he'll never catch me." I kneeled to the twitching bodies of the agents. 

I got outside and I saw a bounty hunter threating a guy and a girl I saw earlier in the bar. I shot a flameball at his back. I then kicked him unconciouss.

" Hello. Names Norvon. What's yours?" I asked

The End

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