Rob: Taking ActionMature

Time passed. I was getting bored sitting there, I had to act, though I handn't seen anything, no illegal activity, I decided to confront him. He probably gave the girl with blue eyes the drugs with some power, yeah I'd chalk it up to that and have this stupid assignment over with.

So I slipped from this dimension. Everything went warped, like I as running through a thin space, pushing my way through.

I grabbed him as I approached him, too fast for him to react and suddenly we were a mile away on a cold, dark field.

I took us out, with my mind I picked him up as if he were hanging from a noose in midair.

"So you gunna confess or will I make you?" I asked.

"Neither," he tried to move, to do something, but it failed. He frowned, "his shouldn't be happening..." he tried to move again.

I moved the sleeve up my arm, showed the watch that didn't seem to be ticking.

"My informant, he can create anything, brilliant mind, he sent me this, it stops time for a little bit, and when time isn't running, you cannot do anything, if you know what I mean."

But he didn't pick up on this, he saw the flaw.

"So i can stay quiet and that thing will eventually run out, you aint getting a word from me other than you're falling for the governments trick, they distrust us," he would have spat but he couldn't.

"I don't work for the government," I laughed, "I'm a Bounty Hunter, we are supposed to be illegal, no I work for nobody, I just throw criminals like you were you belong."

"Let's see if you're so confidant when that thing runs out."

The End

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