Norvon: Wondering why i'm wanted. I'll tell youMature

I see on the bar bulletins the posters of me wanted. I put my hood up to hide my Orangey red hair. My eyes are still flaming. Woops i forgot to release the soldiers. I let my powers release allowing my eyes return to there normal orange colour.  I order a beer to blend in a little better. I probaly won't drink it though.  I look at the posters agian remembering how I became wanted.

My older brother always hated me , we had different views about the goverment. Anyways he joined the goverment. and he climed the ladder to the point where he was making laws regarding those against making it have more control.I decided i would counter everything he does. Which brought to altering information. I intercepted a messaage about the legendary ones whereabouts. I changed the location. which saved her life because i just made a bunch of bounty hunter go to the wrong continent. But they found me out and put a price on my head.

Now i run everyday from bounty hunters and the goverment.

The End

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