Luna: LeavingMature

"So, who's he?" I ask gesturing the boy with the flaming eyes.

"Don't know, I do know he was the most powerfullest in this room till you stepped in" the girl says still staying invisible.

"Please shut off you powers" I more like demand. She become visable and I smile kindly. "My name's Luna"

"Platiana" she say looking nervous.

"Nice name, what are your gifts?" I ask.

"Invisibility, Mind Barrier and Sixth sense. You?" I smile.

"Can't tell you sorry" Which kind of means I would if I could.

"Um... Oh, new power source" We both turn to see a man in a black coat eyeing the boy with flaming eyes... and me.

"He's quite strong" Platiana murmurs.

I scan his brain. Rob, power telekkinesis and Phase warp, bounty hunter. Oh, he thinks I'm part of a drug deal.

Wow, this is the most attention I've had in ages..... I better go.

"I've got to go" I whisper standing up.

"Why?" Platiana asks following with me to the door.

"I just can't stay.... I need to leave" I put my book inside my cloak and it disapears, it will stay gone till I need it again.

"But why?" Plantiana asks again. I begin to feel angry.

"Platiana, stop" I say through my teeth gripping the handle in crumpling in my hand.

She see's my grip on the handle and steps back but it's to late. I need to release power. I turn and force my arm out at a glass.

It smashes and I feel power leave my body. I put it back together again and everyone stares at me shocked and silent.

"I'm leaving" I say to the girl then walk out of the pub.

The End

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