Destiny: Powers Are AnnoyingMature

"NO! I am not at Mark's. I dumped him ages ago, remember?" I hiss down the phone.

"Okay. Just kidding. Where are you anyway?" Eric asks. Eric's my older brother. He likes to think he's in control, coz he's two years older than me. If only he knew how wrong he is.

"Uhh... I'm not exactly sure..." 

"Destiny! You're fourteen. Mum put me in charge and if-"

"I know how old I am Eric. Besides, I always find my way home."

"Hmm" click. How come he always decides when the conversation ends? Anyway, I bet you're wondering why he's not in control. Well, basically, no, literally it's because I could control him if I really wanted to. With just a wave of my hand. I'm also getting visions of what's going to happen to him in the next few hours. It's really annoying actually. I wish I was somewhere I've been before. The scene starts to change. Oops, I hadn't meant to do that, oh yeah, I can teleport too. Which is also annoying coz the only one of these things I can control is the ability to control people. I appear outside a small, manky pub. I swear I have never been here before. It still looks familiar though. I decide to go inside. I won't be old enough so I teleport there instead.

The End

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