Mars: Working.Mature

"Ring, ring, ring, ring banana phone..." My phone rings, oh I hate that ring tone. I answer it already annoyed; that tone always means one thing, them.

"Hello?" I say, my voice already full of attitude.

"Ah Mars, how are you?" He asks.

"Cut the crap Tommy, what do you want?"

"C'mon Mars, don't be like that."

"Tommy! What the hell do you want? It's three o'clock in the bloody morning!" I shout in the phone." Muffled shut ups came through the thin walls. "Shut up yourselves!"

"Polite as always Mars. So anyway, down to business." A buisness voiced Tommy says. I sigh. "You've heard of the Legendary Child, no?"

"Who hasn't?" The girl born the day before me. The girl the world went crazy about, making the rest of us 'freaks' safe. I take a drink of water from the bottle of water on the side. 

"Right, so anyway. I want you kill her." The water forces its self up, my lips go down like a vice keeping it down.

"You want me to what?!" I say, my voice going up a few octowaves.

"To kill her... Unless of course you want your abilities to be posted over the internet and over every single telivision network in the world?"

Oh shi- "What abilities? I've no idea what you're on about."

"Now now, don't be coy Mars. You're a-bil-it-ies. You know the fact that you're a warrior, that your name matches your personality perfectly. Mars the planet of war. Mars the female warrior."

Bugger. I shake, no way am I actually going to do this - unless she trys to kill me of course. "Ok. I'll do it."

"Good. Goodbye now Mars. Have fun." He hangs up chuckling.

I get out of bed, quickly changing into my black clothes. I pack up all of my clothes and run out the door.

The guy with the A.MAZE.ING eyes is there also running out of his door with a bag over his sholder. We freeze, making eye contact. He nodds, I smile slightly. We both turn at the same time, I try to speed up just as he does. I gulp as we walk out together. Weird.

The End

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