Rob: Bounty HunterMature

I remember when I started as a bounty hunter, 4 years ago when I was 16. There were always criminals to find. Grab 'em, lock 'em up n throw away the key, my informant used to say.

It was all a hush, hush business, Bounty Hunters were pretty much illegal, we were like superheroes with dual identity, it creates a complex, trust issues and stuff, now I am a superhero, or at least I like to think I am, problem is, when everyone has powers, it kinda cramps your style.

I had powerful telekinesis, controling a block of flats with my mind. I did that once, they were hiding behind it, I didn't want to find a way round, I just went through. I can also phase warp, temporarily exit this dimension and enter others, it lets me travel fast and avoid danger, almost like teleportation.

I was quite tall with broad shoulders, strong. I had eyes like lightning and blonde hair that crackles like static. Times changed however so now I usually wear my black cloak, black shirt and dark jeans.

So when my informant told me there was a criminal nearby, a drug scoop, I couldn't resist. Sure my job was much more dangerous now, but that made it more exciting. So thats how I ended up watching my drug dealer with the fiery eyes stare at the other with the blue eyes, waiting to see what happened.

The End

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