Norvon: Ah this is such a thrillerMature

The goverment agents shot at me.

"Your not getting away this time you cheeky freak."  As his machine gun tore through the cement road. Just before the first bullet hit I ducked. 

" Yes i'm getting away. But first which one of you will die."

Flame began surround the team of agents. 

"Please just kill me." one squealed

This group took me to seriously 

" Nah none of your are going to die but I suggest you don't move."  I said leaving.

The lights of a helicopter lit up the street.

" Norvon of Squamish surrender. Or be killed."  Someone said into a  loudspeaker.

" Go do yourself!" I said .

As I released an elctromagnetic pulse. The electronics temporarily failed around me. The helicopter crashed in to the building.  I have two powers fire, and EMP's which probaly links me to electricty. sometimes i can control elictricy as long as there is a source of it.  More Agent showed up like a never ending wave. Oh this was quite fun. They could never beat me. I thought to myself running down the secret abandonned allie ways and building.  After they lost my trail I decided to track the Trackers. 

" Sir we lost him." One of them said into a comunication device.

" Agian. The guys a Freak , and a lunatic. We been on his arse for two months. Every night same bull. I'm giving you one more day." The guy on the device said frusterated. 

Sounds like one more night of fun. cool. I decided go to a pub after that most people would clinically need a beer. I just wanted to relax. I didn't want to be caught off gaurd. Besided I stick to old rules like 18 is the age. I'm only 17.  I walked in.

The End

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