Platiana: The stuff of legendMature

I sit unseen at the bar. Invisibility helps with breaking the rules. Like going to the pub when your under age. Even when the age limit went down, fourteen is still two years too young. I have three powers. Invisibility, mind barrier and a sixth sense, which tells me how powerful a person is. Flight doesn't count as a power, because I didn't give myself wings. That was my brother, before he went off to Egypt to go exploring. He's not coming back, he met a girl there, need I say more? The doorman opens the door. I promptly fall off the stool, not because of the cold draft that comes through the door, but the surge of power. The girl has so much power, more even than the boy with fire in his eyes, and he's the most powerful one in the room. I've never seen anyone like her before. She sits down at a table in the corner. I sneak over and slide into the chair opposite. I pull my wing (that's shoulder blades to anyone else) length platinum blonde hair behind my ears and look at her with my fire opal eyes. She obviously senses me because she looks up from her book and stares at me. A waitress brings a glass of apple juice over. It's all right, I'm invisible I think to myself but why should I be invisible to someone with power equal to half the population of the world? 

"Did you want something?" She says, still staring. Those crystal blue eyes are quite unnerving. 

"Who are you, with so much power?" I whisper. My mouth has gone dry and my hands are shaking. I wait for an answer

The End

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