Mars: MisfitMature

I run from the ran and duck from the into a shelter house. Alone for five years, one tough cookie for ten. When I say 'tough cookie' I really mean it, I mean who else has survived living through drug dens, a short war and has caught 17 escape convicts - usually murders and pshycopaths - before the age of 18. 

I walk into the living room, full of the hardcore drug addicts; I just walk past them to the mirror, from the corner of my eye I see some guys eyeing me up and down. I rearrange my sleek red hair into a high ponytail, my thick framing fringe over my eyes. My big bright eyes shine through my hair; it's easier to have hair in front of my eyes - it stops them from starring quite as much. I tuck the long bits of hair next to my fringe behind my ears.

I flatten my flannel shirt, A nice, hot sunny day they said. Yeah right, you go out for a packet of eggs and BAM! It tips it down!

I turn to see a really - and when I say really I mean really tall coming from a 5'10 girl, that's saying something - tall guy with pirceing blue eyes is standing before me. My breath catches in my throat, "'Scuse me please."

"Huh?" He says in a deep velvet voice, making me tremor slightly. "Oh, sorry!" He says blushing slightly. He moves out the way looking at me. I see his mouth open as if to say something, but I dodge out the way before he can.

Ooh yeah Mars, you're one tough cookie. Swooning over some guy you've never met before! The familiar voice in my head says.

Oh shutit you! I retort in my head. I check my watch, 19:48. I sigh and walk up to my temp room, shutting the door with my foot. There I plug in my headphones and zone out.

The End

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