Luna: Legendary Child of 2012Mature

I walk silently and pull up the hood of my cloak covering my midnight black sholder lenght hair. It's been two years now that's I've been on the run..... And I've become a myth.

I smile. The Legendary Child of 2012 is what they call me, the most powerful Psychic human in the whole of creation....... And they're right.

My powers even frighten me sometimes and I've lived with them for 18 years. I look up at the pub ahead through my side fringe on my right eye. My crystal blue eyes glare at the place. The hall world changed that year.

It helped in some ways....... The world became more green, cities dieing and the whole world turning to a place that sort of medival film but has all the latest buildings and technoledgy.

I knock on the door of the pub and a large gruff man answer's it.

"Oh, what do we have hear then? A little lady out for a strole" he says smiling kindly.

"I'm not as young as I seem" I say smiling back. Another good thing, everyone became more friendly.... Well we have to trust more since the goverment are more like controllers now.

"In you come then it's cold out side" he says stepping out of the doorway.

I smile at him and step into the crowded pub of laughing people. Smoke linger's in the air..... more people smoke now since no one can die from it. I ake a quiet table in the corner and know some people are watching me.

I scan their brains. Petty thourghts..... except for one. His mind is bright and I look up and across the room to meet golden eyes of fire.

"What do you want to drink?" A waitress asks coming over.

"Apple juice will do fine thanks" I say and I watch her walk of. I don't look back at the boy but pull out a book from within my cloak and flick to the page from which I had stopped at the last place I'd stayed.

Tonight might be a long one.

The End

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