Dear author guy

Dear Yann Martel,

I had no idea who you were but I am familar with your book " Life of Pi". I was pretty sure from the cover illustration there was no sex in it so I didnt read it. There was a picture of a tiger and a yin and yang sign. I would have read it if there was a man who shape shifted into a tiger and he was all moody and broody etc. But he isn't around her. We becomes " tamed". Somewhere in between things get all hot and heavy. If you wrote a book like that I would read it. If I got a free book from you I would read it and stick it on my coffee table or in my bathroom so people would think I was smart and stuff. I would also go to the "Chapters "thirdy percent section and purchase travel books so people would think I was all worldly and well travelled.  Then I would turn on the tv and watch Jersey Shore.

Yours, Robin

PS I saw the cover of your knew book their was a picture of a donkey and monkey, I'm pretty sure this one isn't a bodice ripper either.

The End

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