I am seriously considering...

Dear Mr. Martel,

              I read Life of Pi a few years ago, right as I was developing an appreciation for literature. Excellent timing, too, because the entire thing could quite possible have gone completely over my head. As it is, I am not entirely sure it didn't.

              I think what most appealed to me was the fact that I was looking for some deeper-than-the-surface book to read and be able to discuss with well-read appreciators of the written word. Obviously, the idea of having a pretentious conversation with upperclassmen was absolutely divine to my young imagination...

              Of course, your book was absolutely engrossing. Pi's character really spoke to me. Or the fact that he was so deep spoke to the part of me that wanted to "get" him. I think I wanted to be someone who needed to be "gotten" and I felt that Pi's innocence toward the strict lines of religion seemed to be a deep enough quality to have.

                 Really, I could have been quite happy with the entire book revolving around his quest for identity in his home, and his interactions with his family and their zoo, so the added fantastical twist at the end of Pi's torturous journey was like a pleasant smack to the face of my newly grown literary spirit.

                So thank you for that. Thanks for the nice day or so I spent reading the book (it was an enjoyable time). Also, thanks for giving me the opportunity to have a meaningful, pretentious, supercilious conversation with my Honors English teacher in front of a bemused and bored class of my peers. After all, who doesn't enjoy the opportunity to show off?

-L. E. L. Michaelson

P. S. I am seriously considering naming a child Piscine. After all, I have a family tradition to keep up with.

The End

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