Dear Sir

I actually did read your book.

The life of Pi and the Old Man and the Sea was a curious twist on an old classic.  Having Santiago make cameo appearances as both the  Muslim cleric/pork vendor come to a climax of roaring guffaws as Pi says to his  mother (well played have again by Santiago)..."You named me Piscine? What is it that  you have about fish?)

Pure genius.  Funny and foreshadowing.

By all accounts it was a unique story themed in captivity, religion, isolation and man's search for a higher identity.  But who else could tell the story of a young boy, a hyena, an oranguatang orangatuang ourangatange, a baboon, three french hens and a Royal Bengel named Peter Parker?  Who else could portray their struggle to find their way home after being left behind on their parent's vacation, only to find themselves not only shipwrecked but stranded together on a life boat, oblivious to the hissing foam of the draconian sea, intent only on the marlin on their hook.  (rhetorical question)

"The symbolism of the supercomputer being eaten by the giant apple on the Island of Lost Souls seems to be just a clever quip about the pervasive AA4 sound technology and anti-competitive nature of the Macintosh brand as a whole, but Martel seems to dig deeper than that.  It was only after a third reading that I considered that Pi himself capitulates to Japanese whalers, who in exchange for the Bengal's gall bladder allow Pi and kin full use of the whaler's harpoon.  Given the state of the Japanese Yen, Martel's economic process is convincingly right on the money."   

---  , "How Yann Martel saved the US Housing Crisis"  Jo Brewer, pg. 31, the  Eocnofictionicist magazine, June 2008

On a side note, sir?  Please send Steve Harper a copy of the Poisonwood Bible by Barbra Kingsolver, or, and while you're at it, a copy of "Nickled and Dimed", By Barbrara Eirenreich and THEN the Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf.

Because THIS --> is awesome...thanks!

I would have sent him, "I don't give a damn about women, the arts,  or the environment or people outside of the Oil Industry, but I sure have a nice coif",  but I think he's already read it.




The End

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