Why I haven't read Life of Pi

I must admit, I haven't read Life of Pi.

At the school I go to, it is required reading in all grade eleven classes. So, I figured that I would just wait to read it, because I knew I would read it at some point or another. I know that this is no excuse, but there it is.

Actually, Life of Pi has become sort of a holy grail for me. See, when I was little, I was always a precocious reader, but sometimes my mother would give me a book that was too hard for me to read. I would put it up on my shelf, and every once and a while, I would go back to that shelf, to see if I could read the books there yet or not. As I got older, that pile dwindled down to nothing.

Almost nothing, that is.

There is still one book on my shelf that I do not yet deem myself ready to handle. Being the famous writer that you are, I asume you can guess what book that is. I don't doubt that it is a wonderful book, and I don't doubt my ability to read it. But, by reading this book, it will be rather a sort of milestone to me. It will mark my passage from the time where the world was big, and scary, and where I could just put a book up on my shelf if I didn't understand it, to an age where I can read anything I want, and where I am an adult.

So I'm sure Life of Pi is a wonderful book, and I'm sure I will like it very much when I do get around to reading it.

But you see, I'm not quite ready to grow up just yet.

The End

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