in the Words of Jack

Dear Yann Martel,

Please ignore the statistic quoted in the previous letter; adding myself to the list makes a total of about 11 people who have not (yet!) read Life of Pi. There is a reason for this neglect, however.

Y'see, Yann - I can call you Yann, right? - if it hasn't come up in one of my media studies or literature courses in university (y'know, the ones where so-call "modern literature" starts in the 19th century? Yah, those ones), then I have not been able to read it, or any other of your novels for that matter.

But that's not to say they haven't come up.

Last year I wrote a twenty page paper on xenotransplantation and biomedical ethics, and I had my interest in the subject piqued. Someone suggested I read We Ate the Children Last, which I have merely eyed. Life of Pi has been recommended to me, particularly by my religious friends as they see me "slip into agnosticism."

It will happen, I will end up reading both books, and hopefully others. Maybe it will happen scant days or weeks from now, once my studies are over for the summer. Or maybe it will wait until I've emerged from university with a piece of paper declaring that I've learning something, something that I might be able to put to use in my reading.

So before I wander off on a strange tangent I should close this letter up, offer thanks of some sort for the creative and critical stories you have crafted so far. Again, I will get to them eventually.

From an as-of-yet undiscovered fan, cheers, and thanks,


The End

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