Hello again! Glad to see you stuck around! All right so what we're going to do first is a paper writing exercise. For this, you will need a pencil, some paper, a desk, a chair, and maybe a lamp. I'll just give you a few seconds to get all those.

Got them? Good! Okay, so now, before you pick up the pencil and do any writing, we're going to need to stretch those finger muscles! So we're going to do something I call the rock and paper. It's fair simple, first, you get your hand in the shape of a fist, like a rock, then slowly expand the fingers out until it's an open hand, like paper! Be sure to do this slowly, to really make your fingers feel the burn!

All right, now your writing hand could be your left or your right, but right now, we're going to be exercising both of them! You ready? Rock, and paper, and rock, and paper, and rock, and paper, and rock, and paper. You should feel a burn in your fingers soon enough, so I recommend to do this twenty to thirty times before writing each story!

Now after you do the rock and paper, what we're going to do next is the scissors and bunny. Again, we're going to be using both hands. So what you do for this, is you take your index and middle finger, and hold them up like a peace sign, or scissors, the farther you can get them apart, the better. Then, we're going to bend the fingers down until you look like you're about to scratch someone with them. This is the bunny! Again, take a few seconds to get from scissors to bunny, and vice versa.

Ready? Okay! Scissors, and bunny, and scissors, and bunny, and scissors, and bunny, and scissors, and bunny. I'm not going to type out the rest of it or this exercise might get too repetitive, but be sure to do this fifteen to twenty times before picking up that pencil!

All right that's all for now, join me next time, and we'll start using the writing equipment! See you soon!

The End

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