Johnny Cou - Day 1

i anticipate the gong. no i long for it. Finally after an eternity it goes off. Every one goes and does what they do. "they are mere prey for me. i have been waiting for this for a long time. If i prove my worth here i will be seen as a hero in my village. I run behind the plethora and wait for every one to disperse. after every one is gone i run inside. i find a backpack and some food. i grab a backpack some guy left and some water. i look around and find some knives. "these will come in handy." i tell myself. I begin to leave when something catches my eye. i run over to a girl lying in the snow. I turn her over and glare into her face. "isn't her name Ashlyn... something." I think to myself. "she is poisoned and badly wounded." i think to myself. After a while of contemplating what to do i begin to drag her over to the plethora.  I find the other sleeping bag that the last guy gave up and i rip some strips off and tie them around her wounds. "im such a coward that i can't even kill a wounded and poisoned girl." i sob to myself. "no im not a coward im being smart. If i help her back to health not only am i showing the people out there that i am different but with more peoples comes more chance to survive." I convinced myself. I run to the woods and cut off some dead wood sticks with my knife and return with them. I quickly build a fire and feed it with some of the seeds found in the back creating a smokeless fire. I then procede to place her in the sleeping bag and zip her up in it. "ugh such a bother." i say out-loud. I leave the plethora and run to the forest to collect strait wooden sticks. I sit in the woods whilst in a tree watching down at the plethora. i sharpen some of the sticks and create throwing spears. And i begin to doze off. i crawl down realizing that nobody is coming. Before i enter the plethora i stuff some twigs under the snow in case somebody decides to enter. "if they step on them i will wake up." i think to myself. I cozy up in my sleeping bag and lay down to sleep. "if i get attacked i am going to need all of my strength. i cover both of us up with boxes and such to protect us from arrows and i go to sleep.

The End

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