Ashlyn Dawson - Day 1

My forehead was throbbing, blood oozing out onto the white. The icy crystals stung the cheek that I'd buried in the snow. My right eye had swollen shut, due to an overpowering impact with an older girl's fist. Through the other eye, I saw him.

I'd seen him before. When the Reaping's were being shown, in the training center.  He was broad shouldered, muscles visible through his shirt. Clearly strong, he seemed fairly smart. 

Tamzin was his name. 

Everyone had left the Cornucopia before he stepped off of his platform. He stretches and strolls over to the giant pile of gifts. 

I held my breath as he passed.

God, I hope he didn't see me move. I begged my body not to, but I couldn't stop myself shaking. What would he do to my if he knew I wasn't dead?

But then I think back to the Reaping. The Peacekeepers had to hold him down. Tamzin wasn't going to play the Capitol's game, no matter what they did to him.

Maybe he'd be a good partner, I thought. I'd be safe with him. 

By this time he was walking away, carrying a sleeping bag, along with the best of the goodies. When he was no longer in sight, I stood. I was freezing, injured and scared. It took a long time to drag myself to the Cornucopia. Falling to my knees, my insides scrambled. Sickness washed over me, but I tried desperatly to hold it back.

Don't cry Ashlyn. Don't... You'll be fine.

Slowly, I pulled myself up, looking for the supplies I needed. All of this is your's now. I grabbed one of the sleeping bags Tamzin had thrown away, the bloody knife that was used to attack the younger tribute from 3 and a pair of gloves that I was disappointed to find were finger-less. 

Medicine, Ash. You need medicine.

But I couldn't find any. No pills, no plants, nothing. 

I could hold the sickness down no longer, and to my embaressment covered the ground in the contents of my last supper. There was nothing to do now but to curl up in the sleeping bag.

Curl up and wait to die.

The End

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