Aria Sampson: Day 1

"...The world isn't split into good an evil, there is both light and dark inside of us, but it's the path we choose to act on that define who we are..."

When I rise. My eyes see white.

When I rise. My hearts beat fast.

To the girl that danced with fire, this frozen wasteland is hell. Even though my face shows boredom, my heart is gripped by a dark cold hand of death. Even though my eyes show courage, my stomach is twisted up in painfully knots of terror.


Despair. Sadness. Death


Fear. Life. Faith.


It's all the same, now.

Everyone bolts from their stands. I wait. Staring at the snow at the tips of my toes. The crisp, cold wind snapped at my face, sending my auburn hair flying. White and Cold. Like ones body when death takes hold.

My eyes flickered up. The snow is stained red. A dagger gleams in the blood a few feet from me. Slowly, I knelt down in the red snow and held out in my palm. The jagged edge of the knife glinting wickedly.

My eyes narrowed at the blood dripping from its tip. Disgusting. I loved hunting in forests of District 10, but that wasn't killing innocents in cold blood. That was survival, it was food, the only thing that would put food on the table, since my father is I'll and most likely dying because of the poor medical systems in District 10.

I stood and glanced to my left. A girl was running off after killing another. Flipping the dagger around, I sent through her skull. I crouched and retrieved the dagger. Looking at her bloodied face, once beautiful, I felt part of my soul die with hers, part of my beauty fade with hers, part of my very being disappear with hers. But I had to move on. I had to get back to my father, he's all I have left. Silent tears fell from my eyes, tracing my high cheek bones and dripping off my chin into the snow and ice.

Closing her eyes, I stood and cleared my face of all emotions. Turning around I looked at the shining gold cornucopia with disdain before spotting a good pack and...a dagger that a blonde-haired boy from District 4 just scooped up.

I sighed dejectedly and stood. I hated to kill anyone, but I needed that knife if I was going to get back to my father. Pushing my emotions, my insecurities away, I stood and moved over, stopping a few feet away. Almost immediately, the District 4 boy whirled around and stared at me, terror shining in his blue eyes as he stared at the bloodied knife hanging limply from my left hand.

Tipping my head to the side, I smiled confidently. I had to keep up the rebellious, fiery girl the Capitol knows me to be, the tributes know me to be.

"I could use that knife, District 4." I said.

His eyes snapped to mine, wide and full of panic. He backed up fast. I kept following him, matching his weak steps until his back hit the cold, frozen side of the cornucopia. As any frightened kid would, he did the only thing that came naturally. He swung the blade at me.

I laughed, though it was forced and somewhat strained, and grabbed his wrist before he could skewer me. Gagging internally, I flicked my hand and cringed slightly when I heard the subtle snap! of his wrist breaking. I was surprised he didn't cry out. He only stared at me, horror and fear showing in his expression as he sunk to the ground.

I knelt so I was eye-level with him, after picking the knife he dropped, and grabbed a fistful of his hair, pulling his head back.

"I'm not one of compassion," I said, disgusted with myself "but I'll give you a quick death." it was the least I could do for someone so innocent, someone who probably had a family, - parents - back home waiting for their son who would never come back.

Swinging the blade, I ended his life quickly. Grabbing the backpack I ran towards the mountains, stopping on a hill to look back at the bloodstained snow of the cornucopia.

What I saw, made death look good.

The End

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