Tamzin Sherwood: Day 1

I sigh as I am lifted into the arena. As the countdown begins, I am unsure of what to do. My thoughts still on my little sister. The guards didn't allow me any visitors when I came back to consciousness. Leaving me even more nervous.


Sugar! I think. I don't want to fight as that is following the Peacekeepers rules and taking innocent life. I don't want to run, as that would be admiring fear.


The countdowns finished and I still haven't decided what to do. Seeing everyone else either run or head for a weapon/PAC and completely ignoring me, I sit down.

The other tributes, who stayed to get something, take off. Leaving me by my self in the icy wilderness with the rest of the gifts.

Well this is kind of weird... I think to myself, looking around at the empty landscape, watching several figures vanish into the distance.

Beginning to get uncomfy in this position, I get up, stretch and walk towards the remaining trophies.

Looking through all the pacts, I find three sleeping bags, ten bottles of water, some kind of food and a pair of sunglasses.

"Wierd" I tell the glasses, flinging them back into the green bag they came out of.

"Useful" I tell the comfiest looking sleeping bag, tossing the over two behind me.

"Better not be poinsened" I warn the strange food.

"I think it would be best to keep you." I tell the water bottles. Picking up the biggest bag, putting the water, food and sleeping bag in it. I then stand up and have a look around me.

Deciding on the mountains, I slowly begin the long, boring treck towards them, singing some f my sisters favourite songs on the way.

My little baby Sis,

You make me dance and twirl.

Beautiful as can be happy, happy me.

All of God's grace in your sweet little face.

Even tho' I pray, little she won't stay.

Please don't grow so fast let these precious moments last.

Tea parties, dolls, and bows, soon she'll run the show.

Growing up in a whirl

My Precious Baby Sis!
The End

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