Forest Hampton: Day 1

“Like you, like me.”

“Like me, like you.”

The last words uttered between my best friend, Harrison and I. our motto since our friendship began when we were 6. Tears welled up in my eyes as I rose to the glistening paleness of the arena.

White. Everything was white. Like to crystal clear snow Harrison and I used to pelt the Mayor with on April Fool’s Day last year.

Dread iced its way through my pounding heart and wild blood streams. My eyes widened in fear as I heard the countdown begin.












I leap off the pedestal as soon as I can, and sprint away from the bloodshed at the cornucopia. My feet are slipping on the ice. My mind is spinning. My arms are pumping at my sides.

“Like you, like me.”

Tears fall.

“Like me, Like you”

Heart breaks.

I sprint into a cave in one of the mountains. Huffing and puffing, my throat burning, my lungs aching for air. My eyes red and puffy.

“There are dark places inside all of us, but what we do about it, doesn’t depend on who are teachers are, but what we do with the lessons learned.”

A chill sets over my bones, searing my skin.

“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

A gigantic roar sounds, my ears explode in pain and blood trickles down my cheek.

“Never be scared of death, be scared of what comes after”

Whirling around, I come face to face with a huge yeti-like monster completely 100% made out of solid ice.

“We are friends forever, and always will be.”

It lunges.


I dart to the side.


It chases me down the mountain slope, where I slip and crash down onto a ledge.


I grabs me and ice crawls over my body, freezing my solid, but it doesn’t matter.


I could already feel my life draining away…




The End

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