Tasha Thunders: Day 1

Well, as I said before, it was a chance to get on T.V.

But, as I had also said before, I was already dead.

How could I make it through this, here, in this wasteland? I like the warmth. I have never been in a situation where I have to deal with the cold. Never.

Are there really only thirty seconds until we have to make a run for it? For the Cornucopia? For the icy lake? For the mountains?

Where to run? Where to hide?

I look to my left and right and notice almost everyone is poised to run, their eyes set on something.

Should I take something as well? A backpack? A knife?

It's too late. The gong rings out and I spring off the launch pad in panic. I have to go before I'm killed in that bloodbath. I run and grab a backpack  on my way towards the mountains--the first thing I could get my hands on. I run, sprinting as fast as I can.

I finally stop in a place filled with shrubbery. I scan the horizon, noticing a collection of rocks in the formation of a cave to my left. I stop there and open my pack.

Once I see it's contents, I pour them all out in disbelief. It's filled to the brim with rocks.

I guess the odds just aren't in my favor.

The rocks make an echoing sound inside the cave. I look at the pile and notice something shining in it. I pull it out.

It's a watch.

I throw it at the wall in disgust. A watch! A stupid watch!

I hate this already.

The End

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