Avalon Roe: Day 1


“…There’s a place, there’s a time, and there’s a reason in this life where we say what we are feeling. But those strong enough to hide it, are greater than all…”

Those words of my mother’s radiated in my head as I rose up to the Arena. Only one would never realize the impact they have on someone like me.


White. Everything was White. The snow only centimetres from my toes, the crystal like peeks of the mountains, even the grey ocean looked slightly white from a distance.

The cornucopia, glimmering silver in the sunlight, drew the eyes of nearly everyone from their pedestals. Whether it be the food, the warmth or the simple hope of surviving is beyond me to understand. We all are different in the ways we think, act and behave for life.


I needed to be ready. The only way I’ll survive is if I get my hands on something, anything!


Taking a deep breath, I calm myself down. No point charging in like a crazed idiot high on adrenaline alone.


Crouching slighting, I spied my first target, a small, white camouflage bag of meagre supplies.


My eyes flitted over to the nearest tributes for a brief glance. Some were confident, others terrified and one was looking…bored…strange.


I bolted from my stand and slid along the slippery snow and landed right next to the bag, not stopping to secure it, I lower my left arm and snatch it from the ground before darting across to the other side of the cornucopia to grab a weapon – a pickaxe of some description – before whirling around to see something that chilled me to the bone.

The blonde haired boy from District 4 lose his life. Combat still rang around me, but I hardly noticed any of the other deaths, only the stench of murder is abundant. But the amount of blood is gut-wrenching and horrible. My vision blurred at the sight of the bloodied knife dangling from the hand of the only tribute that looked bored.

District 10’s female tribute turned around, not looking at me. Her eyes narrowed at the ground as if it had done something horrible to her, she took a shaky breath – as if she was struggling not to cry – before lifting her head to meet my gaze.

Startling silver eyes met mine, sending 100,000 volts of electricity running up and down my spine. Without saying a word, she gestured her head to the mountains and sprinted off.

I stood there, shocked to oblivion and back. She’d let me go. Taking her advice, I turned sharply on my heel and sprinted towards the mountains.

Finding a small, secluded cave to sleep in, I relayed my mother’s words in my head, only to find a whole new meaning shining through…

The End

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