Jason Henry: Day 1

What will I see at the end of the Earth? A rotten old can? Or frozen wasteland? Its not hard to guess which one I’m staring at as I emerge from below.

The cornucopia is shining a brilliant silver in the winter sunlight. To the west, the flat barren icy wasteland is abundant, glimmering a pale whitish blue. The east holds the wild mountain of ice and rock, sliced in two by the rushing, disturbed river that runs towards the northern, grey churning ocean, its waves crashing violently against the shore. To the south, a range of small but slippery slopes and sharp, jagged rocks takes up the remainder of this cursed arena’s first level.

When the gong sounds, my mind is kicked into over-drive. Leaping off the stand, I run towards the blinding cornucopia. Wild cries, metal on metal and the sounds of combat rang out around me, my heart lurched into my throat.

Reaching for the nearest weapon – a knife of some description, a knife for cutting through ice and rock – I realize my mistake too late. I whirled around, coming face to face with the fierce auburn haired girl from District 10, another bloodied knife hanging limply from her left hand.

The girl tipped her head to one side and smiled “I could use that knife, District 4.” She said. Her smile was innocent, child-like, and yet held a barbed edge to it that was cruel. I backed up fast. She followed until my back hit the cornucopia.

I tried to stab her in the stomach with the knife, but she only laughed and grabbed my wrist, causing me to drop the blade. With one quick twist of her hand, my wrist exploded in white hot pain. She let go and picked up the knife.

With a start, I realized she’d broken my wrist, clutching it tightly to my chest I sank to the floor. She knelt so she was eye level with me. Her smile teasing and her silver eyes narrowed with amused determination.

Grabbing a fistful of my hair, she pulled my head back. “I’m not one for compassion,” she mused “But I’ll give you a quick death.”

The last thing I saw was the silver flash of the blade, and darkness enveloping me, pulling me into an endless sleep.

The End

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