Katalia: Day 1

I feel tears building in my eyes as I slowly rose up.

The tears are quickly frozen in the freezing climax I arrive in.

The count down begins. As I take in my best chances of survival. I try to imagine what my sister would want me to do. I know she is watching, screaming at me. Telling me what to do.

But she is miles away. I can not hear her, no matter how hard I strain my ears.

I decide to run. Their is no way I can survive the legendary bloodbath.

I turn where I stand, preparing to leave my life in the hands of any sponsors I may or may not gain.

The countdown ends. I jump of my stand and run. The ice slowing me down a bit. Running is not my strong point. Nothing is. This is the kind of thing my sister should be doing. Not me.

I hesitate, freezing where I stand. Not sure wether I should continue. I couldn't live long out in these icy waste lands.

I turn to head back to see a dagger flying straight at my head.

Too late, I begin to duck. It lands squarely between my eyes.

Pain explodes, making my knees gie way as I fall to the ground. I can see blood piling on the ground before me.

At least this is not my sister. At least she is safe. I think before an icy blackness covers my vision.

  Up above, I rejoin my dead family members. Turning my back on the horror below.

If I could not enjoy my life. Why shouldn't I enjoy my afterlife?
The End

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