As'ad: Day 1

If they thought they could turn me into a murderer, they could think again. I'm here to survive, not to kill. Not like that girl, the one from District 1, who doesn't seemed to care who she hurts. I stood behind the Cornucopia, watching the girl my age, Savannah, limp away.

I spun round the golden wall and into the great horn of goodies. I got on all fours and crawled as far back as the huge bag-pack would let me. They'd never think someone would hide here.

Hannah's hand came up from her side and slapped me hard. "Why did you do that?!" She screamed. I was sure Achlys would be able to hear from her room down the hall. "What were you thinking?!"

I couldn't answer. I didn't know what I was thinking. And I was going to pay for being such a fool. 

We sat together, silent, for the rest of the time. Hannah was called out. She wrapped her arms around me tightly, muttering that she hated me. She pulled away and looked down into my eyes. I looked into hers. They were a shimmering kind of blue, I'd never noticed before. Then, something amazing happened.

Hannah knelt down to my level and leaned forwards. Her lips were softer than the inside of a rose. I felt her tears run onto my face. "I believe in you." She whispered as she pulled away. "And I'll be waiting for you."

As she walked out I began to cry. Our first kiss would be our last.

I was thrown out of my daydream as a battle cry tumble through the air. I gasped. I snatched a hook from the floor just in time to catch the blade. Grunting with effort, I throw it backwards, giving me the moment I needed.

I sprang out of the Cornucopia clutching a tiny bag, a spiral of rope, a wooly hat and the hook. My feet thundered on the ice. 

Thankfully, my attacker didn't follow. They probably wanted to protect what was left in the Cornucopia and keep it for themselves. 

At the foot of a mighty valley I paused to check the contents of my bag. There couldn't be much, but I didn't need a lot to survive. A pathetic excuse for a blanket, some crumbled crackers and a half empty bottle of water. It was as if someone already had the bag, used everything and put it back. 

Signing, I pushed on. I knew I wouldn't be able to make to top before sundown, but one of those caves would do nicely. I stubbled up the icy ridge.

And there he was. Fast asleep in the back of my cave.

The End

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