Darnim: Day 1

Darmin - District 2

I shiver as the cold air hits me. There are three people to my left and about twenty to my right. I could run forward for a weapon or pack, or I could run and hide. I can see large mountain ranges to my right. I know I could hide there.

I will need food. Something to defend myself with.

I quickly make the decision to grab a pack, a weapon and run to the large, white mountains.

Everyone begins to run forward. I join in. Grabbing a small backpack and a weapon. I then twirl round, noticing with confusing the district nine male sitting down on his circle. I ignore it and run.

In front of me, I see the district one male running. He dives into a cave. I ignore him and continue.

I have to slow down when my breathing becomes ragged, lungs and thighs screaming in agony. Slowing down, I look for a hiding place. A small hole, so small I struggle to get in, but I go in.

Inside, I find a large, cold cavern. I sit down in the far corner, placing my weapon, a large wooden stick with a metal pick on the ends, on my legs. I look into my bag.

I can't stop the groan. The bag is empty. Nothing in it. What did I do wrong? I think to myself, wondering how I could have been picked and then be given the bag with nothing inside. I did nothing wrong! Nothing at all. Where is the justice? But I know there is no justice in these games. The only good being a new space in the dorm for some other person.

Involuntarily, my stomach starts to complain. I hadn't eat much that morning, ignoring my mentors advice. I was to nervice and now I will pay. I will slowly starve to death lying here in this cave.

The End

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