Savannah: Day 1

This was it. In an instant I began to shiver. I'd never been so cold in my life. This was only the second time I'd ever seen snow. I was 7 the first time. That winter, school was called off due to the cold, but our parents couldn't get us inside for hours on end because of it. Now I was here. This snow would be my last.

10... 9... 8...The clock ticked down. The Cornucopia was so close. It's radiance hit me like a snowball to the face. It didn't look so golden on TV.

The gong sounded. We all ran. Some to the Cornucopia, some into the white. A few, like me, didn't knew where to go. I paused, breathing heavily, and looked at what I might be able to snatch. Maybe that there. It was as if that black rucksack was called my name. 

It's mine.

Throwing the strap over my shoulder I turned to run. Maybe I'm going to make it out of here.

I scream and fall to the floor as the blade sweeps my back. I look up at the bright eyed girl that sneered at me. 

"I should kill you for that." She spat at me. "It's mine." I considered a plea but I could see the rage in her eyes. There was nothing that could stop her now.

I turned away as her blade came down. It was too agonising to scream. The sword was ripped from my leg and she ran off into the ice. The warm ooze bubbled down my shin. I felt my heart stop.

I have to get away! I tell myself frantically. My finger nails dig deep into my palms as I stand, ensuring that the pain didn't escape. Breathing in sobs, I limped away into the jagged mountains.

It was nightfall when I fell to the ground, unable to go any further. I didn't want to cry, but I couldn't help it. The drops were warm on my icy cheeks.What did I do wrong?I asked myself.Did I do something wrong? Something bad? I didn't mean to. I did, honest. I'm sorry.

I lay slumped against the tree, my leg dying the snow crimson. I was hungry and scared, but my lack o sleep couldn't be held back much longer. I blacked out, drifting into a saddening dream.

"Daddy." I whimpered. "Please don't let the  take me away." He crouched down to me, wiping away my tears.

"Don't cry Sweetie." He whispered. "It'll be ok."

I sniffled and glanced around the empty room. "Where's Mummy? And Lisa and Michael?" I enquired.

"They aren't aloud to come in." He said, feeling my disappointment. He held me in his warm arms for what felt like forever. But forever comes to an end eventually. 

The Peacekeeper called him out. My father delayed and was practically dragged off of me. "Get off of me!" He roared, as he pushed the guard away. The last thing I saw was his tear stained face. 

"Daddy!" I screamed. "Daddy, come back!" The door slammed shut.

The End

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