Fern: Day 1

Fern - District 1

My head rises above the ground. Cold immediately cut into my bear face. Looking to my left I see Katia looking around. To my right are the ready of us. All but one out to die.

To my right is Savannah. The district two girl is looking around her nervously. I can't see the male. Not sure of his name.

Looking further over, I see the rest. Female, male, female, male. All different ages. Different looks. All out to die. By my hand.


I register the large speaker but don't take it in. I turn back to my right, wondering how she could have chosen  to come here?? She will die. No buts about it.


I look to my right, in front of me and behind me. Trying to decide what to do.


Run, no get items. Run. Get away. No, I can kill them. I need a pack. I scream at myself. Still unsure what to do.

"1" I tun around, starting to run away and then change my mind. Turning back, I see Katia grabbing a sword. She turns around to see Savannah. I run past them, aiming for a bag.

Ducking a throw from a metallic stick thing, I grab a small blue bag and twirl back around. I take in my surroundings.

To my west, is a flat, barren icy wasteland, the east has the mountain range, an icy river flows through it in a canyons, the north has the ocean and the south has the smaller, but slippier slopes and lots of ice and rocks. I turn to my east.

Reaching the fast flowing river, I find an ice cave and settle inside. Confident no one will come in here, I open the bag. Some boxes of matches, two bottles of water and a head scarf. I quickly wrap that around my head, leaving my eyes to the bitter cold.

I stick my head out of the cave entrance to see a figure coming towards me. I duck back in, crossing my fingers and hoping I wasn't noticed.

The footsteps of the person run off, another set following. I ignore them and settle back down. Closing my eyes, memories come back to me.

"Fern? Promise me you'll come back!" my sister cries, running into my arms.

"I promise." I replied, hugging her back, and promising my self I will do anything to stop my dearest sister from hurting.

"Here, take this." says my dad gruffly from his tense stance next to the door. he comes over and hands me a ring.  Indented on the front, is three pieces of grain entwined by a ring at the bottom.

"But dad, I can't take that! It's yours!" I tell him, beginning to give him it back. The peacekeeper comes in, ordering them out.

I take the ring from my finger, looking at it and thinking of grandpa. It started of as his. He had planned to give it to his first true love but she went into the games to soon. He passed it onto his son. Who has now take it from mum and given it to me. But why?

I close my eyes again, still holding the ring tightly in my hand. More images of my family appear in front of me.

I fall asleep with a sad smile on my face.
The End

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