Katia Gallows: Day 1

Katalia Gallows - District 1


As soon as my head breaches the top of the cylinder I am in, I have a look at my surroundings.

White. The only thing I can see. Snow and ice. Blank white.

I shiver through the suit I have on. I know it protects my body from the cold keeping my body heat in, but it does not protect my face. My nose feels blue all ready.


Suger! I think as I realise half of our start minute is up. I look around at the other tributes. All of us are in a large semicircle around the large silver horn shaped cornucopia. Scattered around it are various items.

Mostly, bags are scattered around. I take a guess that they provide essentials for living in the cold. There are weapons. But only two swords. The rest are mostly sticks with sharp metallic objects at the ends. I aim my sights on a large blue bag and one of the swords.

"10" Not long left

"9" Get down into a pouncing position, ready to run.

"8" See who is planning on running away. Only one or two. The rest, like me, are planning on getting supplies.

"7" The cold starting to numb my face.


"5" Legs beginning to cramp.

"4" Heart starting to race in excitement.




I jump off the cylinder and run towards the sword, momentarily forgetting about the bag. With the sword in hand, I turn back, ready to kill. I see the girl from district two grabbing my bag.

With a yell of pure rage, I round on the girl, forgetting every one else, and slash the sword. It catches her on the back as she begins to turn to run,  causing her to fall back onto her knees and release a yell of pain.

"I should kill you for that, it's mine," I hiss at her before stabbing the sword down, not caring where it lands home. I know, however, the wound will take a while to kill her. I snatch the bag from her weakening grip and run off.

Eventually, out of breath, I collapse, quickly turning. I don't see any one following me in the plain, flat landscape and so I have a look in my big black bag.

A snow white sleeping bag. Three bottles of water. A roll of string with a little hook on one end, a sharp piece of metal. And three bags of matches.

I stare at the matches for a while. Thinking about the little, hot, dangerouse red flame they each contain. The dangerous, horrible stuff. A part of me screams to pick them up and throw them as far away from me as possible. But I can't. I remember my mentors last words to me;

"Remember Katalia. If you find something that might become useful later, never ever throw it away."

With a sigh, I pick them up and place them bag in the bag. I take the metal stick and force it into the ice at my feet. It goes through surprisingly easily.

An eternity later, something latches onto the end of my string. I barly notice it, the cold in my face beginning to make the rest of my body feel cold. At the last minute, I grab the string and yank it up.  The tiniest, most minuscule looking fish comes up with the string.

I yell in frustration at the skimpy little thing and fling it back in the hole. with a sigh, I take a long gulp out of one of the bottles before taken out the sleeping bag. I hadn't met any resistance so far. So I decided to take advantage and sleep in the easily disguisable bag.

Sleep isn't as easy as I had hoped.
The End

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