District 12 Female

I woke as I felt the sun's rays on my face from my bedroom window. Just for a second, I thought it was a normal day like any other. Like when Dad work at the bakery and then comes home with some bread to go with the food Mum would make for dinner.

But Then i rembered that Today was horrible. For it was the day of the reapings, with all chidren and adults were force to get some of their blood taken and a captol person had to choose a name from the glass bowl.

When I was at the Reaping, waiting to know who was chosen, I saw Stephen among the boys looking at me. I tried smiling at him, but he wouldn't smile back.

I then saw Dee dee, my little sister among the group all little children.

The Captiol woman with pink and purple hair and brown happy eyes went up to the glass bowl with all the names in it and took out a name.

Then I couldn't belive what I heard. "Dee dee Lovebird" She said.

At once, I saw My beloved sister start to walk towards her. Then I tried to get to her but soliders held me back, so i shouted "I volunteer as Tribute!"

I walked up to the Capitol woman and she asked me what my name was.         

"Petunia Lovebird" I replied, worriedly.

"Happy Writer Games and my the odds be with you" she said to me.

I felt like my whole world was darkening and that i was going to faint any minute.

But I don't faint but I wanted to disappear right there and then.

The End

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