District 10 Male

Staring with wide eyes as the fierce auburn haired girl takes to the stage, I wonder what convinced her to save a little girl I was sure she didn't even know, judging by her somewhat absent expression.

Next to me, a boy inhaled sharply and murmured "No..." I watch with a helpless expression as the boy's blue eyes glimmered with unshed tears "I was too late..." he muttered to himself.

The escort remained fussing over the girl, commenting on her bravery. I stare blankly at the glass bowl housing the names of all the eligible boys in District 10. I can't help fearing the loss of everything, if I were chosen. My family... My life... Left in the hands of ruthless gamemakers determined to see my fall. All for a reality tv show, which infuriates me. Who in their right minds wants to watch kids wipe each other out in a fight to the death?

The escort's wild, frantically excited eyes flit over the worried faces of the boys. The escort beams at us as she plucked a name from the glass bowl and precedes to smooth it out before taking a breath and reading out the name. In the second it takes her to read out the name, my world comes crashing down.

"Damien Blake!"

The End

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