District 4, Female

Katalia District 4

I slug through the usual writer games morning ritual in a fuzzy haze. Remembering an exact year ago when my brother was put to death. His name plucked out the bowl of death. I don't care if the rest of my district love the game, I hate them. I HATE them.

I wander into the town centre still in my haze. I am out in the back. My last year able to be picked. My brother was in his first. He didnt stand a chance. He was the first to die. My sweet little brother.

With a sudden start, I realise everyone is staring at me.

"Huh?" I ask the girls around me.

"You've been picked." Some blonde haired girl next to me says.

"Huh?" I ask again, my brain still full of sleepy grogginess.

"Ivolenteer to go in her place." I hear avoided I recognise. My sisters. It knocks me out of my haze immediately.

"No!" I scream, running forward, out of my line to see my fifteen year old sister nearly at the stairs. "Don't you dare let her play!" I scream, I think it comes out as a screech though.

I run down the centre of the teens eligible, to snatch my sides arm. I drag her behind me and charge up the stairs.

The capital woman, whoever she is, looks at me, unsure of wether to laugh or cry.

I take my place in front of the females bowl land turn to look at the crowd. I see two of the peackeepers dragging my screaming, kicking, punching and bitting back to her spot.

The End

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