District Two Male

Darnim District two male

I get up and out of my crib with a groan. I hate this day. More than any of the others. It is the second time I have been liable to get picked for the games, being twelve years of age.

With a sigh, I get up and turn to see the rest of the boys in my dorm still in bed. I walk up to the large, dirty brown curtains at the edge of the dorm and pull them wide open. A series of groans, yelps and shouts fill my ears as the others complain at my intrusion in their sleep.

"Ta Dar. Really appreciated." Sarry, the eldest boy in this ward of the orphanage says to me.

"It's the writer games. We need to get ready before Warden comes in. All of us." I explain to be answered by another round of groans but they do start moving around a lot faster. I join them in making our cribs, getting washed and putting our matching black tuxedos on.

"Wardens. Coming." Warns another her boy. Everyone rushes to their cribs, trying to look presentable.

"Right then." Comes the crisp, sharp tones of Warden as her shiny black boots come into view, slowly followed by the rest of her tall, thin, crisp body. "I see you are all actually ready this morning. Line up quietly. Go downstairs, get your breakfast and be ready to leave a half hour before it starts. I hope to get rid of at least one of you this year." She says as we line up and file past her.

My heart stutters in a sudden fear. I am convinced I am going to be picked. That I am going to die but I push the thought aside, refusing to believe the world would do this to me. I haven't done anything wrong. So the world doesn't need to punish me. There are plenty others that do.

. * * *

I stand a block behind where I stood last year. But still in the first row this year. But I am the front row of the twelve year olds, looking as small as I do. I stare into space, bearly paying attention as the ugly woman goes on with her extremely boring story.

She goes over to the female jar, I start to pay attention.

"Savannah" Something she calls, I don't quite catch the last name. My heart automatically goes out for this girl as I look around, attempting to glimpse her. I see people shoving a small, light skinned, black haired girl past them. I can tell she is extremely shocked. She is in the group opposite, so she is my age.

My pity runs away, leaving pure rage behind. How could they put a girl like that to her death? That is what they are doing, there is no way someone that small and innocent looking is going to last, yet again, I want to do something crazy, to show the Capitol and their stupid writers that they can not do this any more. But I am to young and small.

in the time it took me to get control of my untrainable anger, the woman had the male name in her hand.

"Darnim Daley" she says.

"what?" I say.

"Darnim Daley, I presume that is you?" She replies.

"You are joking, aren't you? That is not my name on that sheet. Read out the real name." I tell her, sternly. I hear several laughs from around the area.

"No. I am quite certain that is what it says. Can you please come up now?" She asks me. Wordlessly, I step from my spot and walk forward, I know my mouth is open in shock but I can't be bothered to close it.

I can't believe it. Two twelve year olds from the same district. It isn't fair. Since when does one district have two twelve year olds? Since when has a twelve year old won a game? What did I do wrong? Why am I and this girl being punished?

The next five minutes are a haze of confusion and anger. Fear does not settle in until the girl and I are are separated and put in different waiting rooms. Only then do my bones start to quake in tears fight their way out of my resistant eyes.

The End

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