District 1 male

Fern - District 1

"Fern?" I groan as my twin sister bounces onto my bed. 

"What?" I groan. 

"It's the day. Reaping number twenty five." She tells me. 

I shoot up, out of my covers and glare, open mouthed at my sister. 

"No it isn't. That is not funny." I complain. 

"I know it isn't. I am not joking. Now get up and put that suit on." She tells me, before jumping back of my bed and running out of the room, shouting for our mother to do her hair. 

"I really don't want this." I say to myself as I get up to find my suit lying at the bottom of my bed. "Really, really don't want to." I put my suit on, repeating "don't want to" over and over again. 

I don't even hear my father come into the room over my ranting.

"Can you quiet down boy? No one wants this. So be quiet." I jump at his sound right next to my ear. 

"Sorry." I tell him. I hold my blue tie out to him, "care to help?" I ask him. 

.                                                          * * *

At the town centre, I split of from my sister, watching her step into the group next to mine. The court goes quiet. 

The usual woman stands up on the platform and repeats her usual lines and then walks over to the girls jar. 

"Ladies first. Now tell me, do any of you brave girls want to volunteer?" She asks the crowd. Everyone gasps. I turn around to see a girl, a group behind my sister, with a dark purple dress on, with her hand in the air. 

"I would like to volunteer as the female." She says. I recognise the voice and smile. good. Goodbye. I think to myself as the girl walks past. She is the girl who had completely humiliated me in first year of school. 

I had blanked out. I came back to when I saw the woman put her hand in the male jar. She took out a piece of paper and looked at it. Everyone of us held our breath. She cleared her throat. 

"Fern Catlia" 

I freeze. She had said my name. My name. I am going up. I can't believe it. I don't want to go up. I don't want to die. 

"Fern Catalia, Plase come up here." there is a tiny bit of frustration in the woman's voice. 

I gulp and step from my spot, feeling millions of eyes staring at me. I am going to die. I think to myself. I will never grow up and have kids. I start to feel tears coming into my eyes but quickly tell them, to go away. I can hear sobs from the other side and look over to see my marvelouse, strong, brave twin sister with tears pouring down her face.

I step onto the platform next to Katia. 

"Say your hellos to each other." The woman tells us. I turn to Katia, glaring at her. 

"hi, may the odds be ever in your favour" She says to me with mock politeness.

"Hi. may the odds be ever in your favour." I snarl back. We are both taken into the large, stone white building behind us. The doors close with an ultimate  bang, blocking the site of my mum, sister and fathers' tear stained faces.

A deathly silence descends over us.

The End

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