Penelope : Packed

"Have you packed yet?" I asked, my smile still beaming brightly.

"I hate to admit it but this is all I've got" He gestured to the clothes he was wearing "What about you?"

"Well I was" I laughed "But it looks like I'm going to  have to scout out some clothes for you, it wouldn't be good for you to wear that for the entire duration of the quest" I noticed how Koroth moved closer and my expression softened.

"You dont have to do that, I'm perfectly fine-"

"No, no. You are not going to wear that for who knows how long when I'm around" I looked at Koroth and realised something "Wheres your cape? is it torn"

He nodded "And muddy"

I roll my eyes "Bring it to Allan's room after dinner and I'll get it sorted for the quest"

Koroth seems really nervous I thought noticing his eyes darting up to me and to the floor It looks like he's deciding something. But maybe he's just nervous about the quest.

The End

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