Koroth: Morning

Penelope skip into the courtyard and instantly spotting my tired looking body sitting on one of the many marble benches.

" Good morning!" She says brightly.

" Morning you seem cheery. May I inquire why?" I say

"  The king allowed me to go on the quest."

" Thats good." I was about to say I'll get to see more of you but that seemed a little awkward, " Hey are you going to take a seat?"  I ask. 

She wasn't as nervous as yesterday and sat down beside me.  She looked really pretty today. She looked directly into my red eyes , I kinda looked away embarassed knowing I was staring. Why did I have to like a girl now of all times , I didn't want  Jorox to go after her if I was to hard to get to.

" So you already packed?" She asks me.

" I hate to admit but this is all I've got." I say looking at my newly cleaned green travel cloak and the rest of it dirty clothing. I probably looked like crap.

" How about you?" I turn to look and move closer to her. I didn't mean to but my my body did.

The End

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