Alana: Wait, what?

Alana could tell whether this was luck or misfortune. Kaedin stood in her room, looking very awkward, and she was sure she looked the same. Scuffing her boot across one of the rugs, she darted a look at kaedin and found him studying the floor with renewed interest.  The princess inside of her said that this was against proper protocol, but the the prince she was pretending to be said it was perfectly normal for princes to visit each other's quarters. Wasn't it?

"Yes, Kaedin? What is it?"  Kaedin stared at the floor a moment longer and then looked at her.

"I'm not quite sure, Prince Allan. I just found myself here at your door." Alana's heart quickened and she must have looked dumbstruck. Kaedin dropped several shallow bows as if apologizing for something and then made for the door. " I see I have disturbed you. I'll be leaving."

"Hey, no wait!" Alana shouted, sounding very much like a girl. She could only hope he hadn't noticed.



The End

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