Kaedin: Ready?

The king gives the news that we are leaving in thed morning. I look to prince Allan and ask if his hand will be ready on the marrow. He says yes, and looks away. Have I donr something to hurt him? I thought I helped him.

After dinner, I run into Prince Robert. He is followed by three servants, all loaded down with bags. I suddenly remember that his name was not called to join us in the quest.

"What is this about, Sir." I ask him.

"I must return home. Family immergency. Good luck to you, my friend. I hope you make it back." On that kind note, he walks swiftly from the chamber, followed by his onturage.

I hope you make it back. What kind words from a man I am barely of aquantince with. As I wonder what is wrong at home for him, I walk along the corridors, with no real destination in mind. I am startled to find myself in front of Prince Allans rooms. I knock upon his door.

The End

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