Olivia: I can protect myself

I stare into the mirror then sigh. I turn and jump screaming.

Falcon laughs pitching over. "God that never gets old" he says standing back up and shaking his head.

"What are you doing here?" I say sternly. "You shouldn't have got in my room. It's not allowed"

"And when has that stopped me?" He asks raising an eyebrow. I open my mouth then snap it shut.

I turn and march over to grab my belt with the sword. I strap it on round my hip and turn jumping slightly when Falcon's right behind me.

"Will you stop doing that?" I hiss. I try to walk round him but he grabs my wrists.

"You should be ready for surprise attacks at all time" he whispers.

My heart beat accelerates.

"Heared you're going on a trip with the suitors for Isabelle.... you should be careful" He whispers into my ear.

"I can protect myself" I say strongly.

"I know you can Oli" He say passing a hand along my cheek. I shiver and step back.

"You should leave" I say sternly. He frowns and steps closer. I automatically step back and come short against the wall.

"Still putting up a safeguard" he says smiling slightly.

"I trusted you once which turned out to be a mistake, I don't make the same mistake twice" I say trying to be calm.

He stepped close so his body was pressed against mine.

"I'm sorry" he whispers. Then he kisses me.

I want to push him away but yet once again I give in pressing my body to his and kissing him softly.

Moron, Idiot, Stupid. His hands are tight on my waist and I wrap my arms tight around his neck.

I pull back. "I have to go" I whisper.

"I'm coming with you" he mutters against my neck.

"How?" I ask and immediatly regret it.

"Like I always do.... In the shadows" Then he kisses my lips one more time then leaves.

I sigh and can't help but smile to myself.

The End

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