Isabelle's plan.

I walked into the stables in the early light, dressed in my lightest of dresses. James was hanging up his work robes- most likely he was preparing to meet with Lorette one last time before embarking on the quest. All of his tracking devices were lined on a small table, and I traced my finger across a map lightly. It reminded me of when I was younger and James' father, the royal tracker of the time, had taught me the way of the land. I could still clearly remember the hills, the valleys.

James turned and started at my seemingly quiet entrance. I could not help but smirk. 'I am sorry, my lady,' he bowed.

'James, how long have I known you? Is it not thirteen years, since you and I both were young children sitting on the knees of our fathers. May you address me as a friend?'

His straight face broke into a smile. 'What is it Isabelle? I am afraid I cannot tack up your horse this morning, I have plans..' he looked down but knew that I understood immediately. I remember well the day James and Lorette first met: they seem inseparable since. I stepped forward, my hands clasped in an imploring sense.

'Please James...let me go in your place.' He started to object, his face a complete mask of surprise, but I stopped him with a hand raised. 'I know, you feel that I am too weak and feeble-'

'I did not imply anything of the sort.'

I frowned at him jokingly. 'Well, you feel that I have not the same skills as you, but in fact I possess one of the brightest minds in the kingdom and my tracking skills are just as sharp and precise as your own.' I looked him in the eye: he agreed, I could tell.

'...My travel clothing is in the next room. They are meeting in the courtyard shortly. Just make sure you don't leave that dress lying around.' He started to walk off and then came back. 'How will your father-?'

'I have that under control, good sir.' I smiled and he reluctantly mirrored my expression. He walked off: my plan had worked. I should now partake on a quest, of which I knew little, but could handle much.

The End

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