Koroth: Could ?

The fight was drawn out for five hours and Olivia hadn't noticed. Not many people could do that actually the only ones I knew that could do that was me, Jorox , and few other protector outcast such as Melissa.  She couldn't be one of us though , there was no abnormalities, Like red eyes ,constant pale skin ,or a dark voice. Could it be possible that...  My thought were replaced by the meal before me , and I forgot about everything else My cut on my arm had rep opened during the fight, I had to let the people believe she gave me a scratch to cover up the brief meeting with Jorox.

I wanted to keep that secret for the very reasons that those type of issues to be opened up to the Kingdom would bring the Wrath of Melissa , and whoever left down upon me. We kept everything secret , beside Jorox , Melissa was the other only person I feared. I dug into my meal then soed my arm up agian.  The quest was moved up to tommorow I needed to grab a cat nap before this all started. 

In the morning everything was ready and set, thed day was a beautiful blue bird sky kinda day almost like nothing could go possibly wrong , but I fekt uneasy , Jorox was out there, this time people could get hurt.

The End

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