Olivia: Fight

"Koroth" I jumped on him and he just looked at me calmly.

"Ready to fight?" I asked.

He sighs then speaks calmly. "I was hoping you'd forgot that"

"Nope, come on" I says tugging on his hand.

He gets to his feet and we make out way out to the training yard. A few minutes later, my father, Isabelle and the suitors come out just as I've finished strapping on my armor.

I pull out my sword and jump on the balls of my feet.

Koroth withdraws his blade and I smile.

"Ready?" I ask.

"Of course" he says nodding.

"Then lets begin" I swing my sword in a low up arch.

He deflects it but doesn't catch it so I come in high fainting then turning at the last second the sword hitting his chest plate and making him stumble.

He swings his sword and I block it having to bend slightly under the pressure.

But I push it back and then I'm on defence.

Low, High, Large swings, Strong holds. But then I find my moment. I twirl the blades in a circle so they lock then twistg slightly forcing Koroth to let go.

I then drop doing a low ground kick hitting his heel. He buckles.

I jump up and bring the sword to his neck. He freezes and my breathing comes heavy.

"Yield?" I ask breathless.

"No" he says smiling he hits up with his hand and I fall back. I have to roll back to get to my feet again and by then he has picked up his sword.

I'm out of breath and tired.

So its obvoius what happens next..... not. We both end up losing our swords.

"God, can we call this a draw?" I say as I re pick up my sword.

"If you wish, Olivia" he says.

"If you wish to continue I will but we're both tired and I see us going round in endless circles" I say.

"It would be a good Idea to rest.... it seems the crowd has dispersed" he says nodding at where everyone was.

"Ha, I do suppose they would have got bored" I say laughing.

"Of course, if you'd look up you'd see we have been fighting for five hours straight" he says jerking his head up slightly.

"Hm, hungry?" I ask.

"Yes" he says sheathing his sword.

I sheath mine as well and we head for the hall where are meals are sat waiting.

"God, I love my dad" I say being happy that its still warm.

The End

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